Once upon a time, a teen got a camera and started taking pictures. Not exactly the fairy tale you were expecting right? Let's try again. In 2014, traveling gave me the motivation to start taking photography seriously. Looking over the blue rivers and medieval architecture of the city deemed as the 'Capital of the World' by Napoleon, I wanted to remember everything the city had to offer. That is where I decided that after going home I'm going to get a camera. Two years later, I purchased my first DSLR and that is how we got here in 2020.

Always Remember

A couple of things I would like to share for the people who are uncomfortable or unsure in front of camera. One, you're perfect the way you are. Two, do NOT compare your photos with professional models. Allow us to help you look your best. If you want, we'll help you from selecting the wardrobe to show you some modeling tips. Just ask us. :)

There is no camera that can best our eyes. There is a reason why the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. A camera only captures a fragment of what you look like do not believe everything what a camera shows you. What lies in the heart reflects in the eyes.

Lines, Angles & Circles

Besides capturing life in form of people, I enjoy symmetry in forms of simple lines, angles and circles. Whether it is in a hand held object or a building made centuries ago, symmetry has been admired and will continue to catch the human eye till the end of times. Asymmetry has its own value, yet rarely anything surpasses the perfection of leveled symmetry.


Umema Siddiqui

“I had the pleasure of working with Zohair and he is an incredibly talented and responsive photographer who captured every precious moment of my son's first birthday celebration. His attention to detail and creative eye resulted in stunning photos that truly captured the essence of the day. Zohair’s friendly demeanor put everyone at ease, allowing for natural and candid shots. I'm beyond thrilled with the final results, and I have no doubt that these images will become cherished memories for years to come.”

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