Hello, I am Zohair &

Here starts A new Story

Disclaimer: The models featured on this page are some of the beautiful souls I've had the privilege to meet over the course of time. Yet, they all share something in common. Not one of them is a professional model!

Some of these people wanted to get their photos for a memory to be cherished forever, others wanted to try something they've always wanted to but didn't have the opportunity. While meeting them I found out more about them and tried my best to make the pictures all about who they are.

You can be the next picture to tell a thousand words, too. Become a story that needs to be told. Don't wait for luck or destiny to happen on its own. Take the first step, the rest will follow.

Our Philosophy

Photography is Poetry

My focus of photography is facial expressions and body language. I aim for my subject to feel the best version of themselves. When my clients look at their photos they should see a face that they aspire to wear and a body that they are proud of everyday.

A sharp look, resolute body structure and sheer confidence from head to toe are some of the ingredients in my photography philosophy.

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“Be patient and you will get what you want.”